Playa Koralia is located in front of an immensity of virgin beach, a wonderful place to walk and observe local and migratory marine birds. An easy half hour walk up the beach brings you to the mouth of the Rio Burritaca, where you can bathe as the mountain’s water spills into the sea. Exploring near Playa Koralia or going on excursion, one will encounter exotic flora and fauna.  (seebelow)


During the day or fter a long day of excursions or sunbathing or simply reading in the shaded hammocks enjoy our fabulous beach side bar with a wonderful alchemy of fresh-fruit cocktails, conversation, music, and bonfires.


The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region is famous among bird watchers the world over as the region offers one of the largest variety of birds to be found anywhere, including the white eagle, Royal Kingfisher, Royal Red Crested Woodpecker, the Onychorhynchus, the Bay Headed Tanager and a variety of marsh birds including the lovely Blue Egret.

Playa Koralia offer guided excursions to nearby natural parks and reserves, including the world-renowned Tayrona National Park. All excursions from Playa Koralia include: transportation, entry fees, refreshments and guides specialized in local history, fauna and flora.


Tayrona Park Trips

We offer two tours through Colombia's exceptional Tayrona National Park. This bastion of life is covered in large part by virgin tropical forests and bordered by crystalline Caribbean waters. It is home to archeological ruins, giant rounded boulders and soft sand beaches and is inhabited by over 100 bird species, iguanas, monkeys, and more.

ALUNA Spring

gentle walk through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, with all its bountiful flora and fauna, brings you to the magnificent Chief Mendihuaca Pool. This sacred site has been used for ancestral spiritual rites throughout the millennia. Enjoy a swim in its crystal clear waters and the contemplative landscape as you escape to another dimension.

The waterfalls

A mesmerizing ½ hours walk up through the tropical forest culminating in an idyllic swim under the waterfalls. A short climb brings you above the falls to an exquisite pool. Lounging in these natural ‘spas’ in the tropical forest, with the snowy mountain peaks above, it’s hard not to feel a real sense of well-being and harmony with nature.


Float down the lovely Rio Don Diego soaking up the sun and ambiance as you glide along with tire tubes. Passing slowly and silently along the jungle edge you have the opportunity to view migratory birds and native howling monkeys. At the river mouth, enjoy a lovely beach within a protected sanctuary of undisturbed beauty. You return upstream by boat for lunch and an afternoon of relaxation.


A gentle walk through a sacred forest reserve on an indigeinous reservation brings you to a number of pools of varyig depths. Accompanied by waterfalls you bathe in a hydrotherapudic wonderland. This trip is quite special do to the pure waters direct from the Sierra and that the
site is not yet open to public tourism. Playa Koralia has special permission from the Kogui, for
a commitment to preserve the pristine healing waters and not to photograph the Indigenous.