Terms and Conditions

01. Rights and obligations of the hotel:

HOST provides service to lease a room and accessories, through the payment of fees and prices prevailing at the time of submission of the service and according to different plans. The rate and the plan are those in the hotel registration card. The provision of these services is subject to availability and schedules, shifts, or stocks of inputs, goods, facilities or space required for it.

The Hotel, can at any time arrange the change of room and the HOST must accept it.

THE HOTEL, is available to the public view the rates, prices and hours of service initiation and exit, which is held the Guest.

THE HOTEL, has lien and pledge on baggage and goods GUEST possession of rights that will be effective for breach of obligations by the host. In this case the hotel will be the aforementioned garment luggage and goods for a period of (30) days, counted from the date of default after which the hotel can freely dispose of the pledged objects with your product and meet the outstanding obligations including interest plus one (20%) for costs and expenses. The excess, if any, will be made available to the host and deficit are safe creditor actions.

If the Hotel, is unable to comply with a reservation accepted in writing, whenever there is prepaid and is forced to early terminate the fixed-term accommodation, you must get to the guest accommodation at another similar rate, if the substitute hotel rate is lower, the HOTEL GUEST reimburse the difference and if above it is assumed by the hotel. The decision will always be the HOTEL but as much as possible there are no differences in rates.


02. Rights and obligations of guest:

THE GUEST acknowledges the fee, royalties and hotel prices and admits that these are changed without notice.

The guest is obliged to pay at the time of service delivery and in any case on separation of the permanence of the guest at the hotel. The day includes hotel within 24 hours of permanence from the host to start fixing the HOTEL. The partial use of the day because the hotel pay the full fee.

The guest will be liable for ordinary negligence of its obligations and those of his companions. Any person not registered to make use of the accommodation exclusively reserved to the Guest must register and pay a surcharge of 100% over the existing canon.

THE GUEST acknowledges that the practice of sports, exercise, and generally any activity that constitute a risk means that the guest has the skills and knowledge that allows you to take those risks, as well as liability for any damage suffered or injury which expressly exempts HOTEL.

PENALTY: If the reservation is canceled after the deadline, the penalty would be the collection of the first night per room reserved, to be discharged from the card given as security or deposit.

Any questions or concerns please contact us. Playa Koralia



Playa Koralia is fully committed to the fulfillment of the following regulations:

We do not commercialize, nor illegally deal with cultural goods, as per Laws, decrees and Colombian resolutions; specifically the laws of prevention and protection of the patrimony: decree 103 of
1991 and it’s decree 904 of 1991, decree 397 of 1997 and it’s decree 833 of 2002, decree 1185 de2008.

We do not commercialize nor deal in species of fauna and wild flora, as per the Law 17 of 1981 and by the Ministerial Resolution No 1367 of 2000. Decree 1608 that any individual of wild fauna cannot be hunted, be held as a pet and/or be transported. Denounces and prevent the traffic of flora and Fauna. Law 599 of 2000 Colombian Penal code. Law 165 of 1994 Agreement of the United Nations on biological diversity.

Keep in mind that the Exploration, use in Pornography, and Sexual Tourism with children and adolescents is ILLEGAL, and penalized by means of the Law 1336 of 2009 by which the Law becomes strong 679 of 2001. If we see any indication of child abuse, it will be reported to the authorities.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Reservations will be considered confirmed once the hotel receives payment for the 100% of your total reservation. If there is a balance it is due a prior to arrival.

  2. Securing a reservation with your deposit means you accept the terms and conditions of our Cancellation Policy.

  3. Cancellations of travel agencies must be informed in advance, prior notice via email, for the corresponding refund. The fine for the cancellation of this type of reservations will be 20% of the total reservation.

  4. When the user of the tourist services with previous notice informs via email the cancellation of his reservation, the hotel may demand the payment of 20% of the totality of the same and, in case of high season (check definition High Season in www. koralia.com) may retain the entire deposit or advance payment previously received from the user.

  5. In case of cancellations of personalized events, informed in advance of the start date of the reservation, via email, the total deposit made will be retained.

  6. When the user, without prior notice, fails to show up and does not use the agreed services (no show), it is categorized as a non-refundable reservation.

  7. Cancellations made during the stay at the hotel, are subject to the same conditions of cancellation of points 6 .

  8. Note: All cancellations or date changes must be sent in writing via email.