Playa Koralia is located on a virgin seashore, where your eyes can travel up and down the entire length of the seashore and not see a sign of man. The Hotel is nestled in the shade and quiet of coconut palms on the Caribbean coast of Colombia 15 minutes from Tayrona Park. An easy one hour drive from Santa Marta Airport, 2.5 Hours from Barranquilla and 4 Hours from Cartagena, Playa Koralia is easy to get to, while arrival takes you to your own private world.


Santa Marta's National Airport 1 hour distance
Barranquilla International Airport 2.5 hour distance
Cartagena International Airport 5 hours distance

* Koralia offers assistance with coordinating transport to and from the airport.

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when to travel

You are welcome anytime of the year, because of the equatorial climate and our protected location behind the mountain, the temperature is warm and pleasant the entire year.