Playa Koralia is a unique nature hotel on the Caribbean coast near Santa Marta, Colombia. Situated along an impressive natural seashore with a luxurious barefoot chic aesthetic, distinctive architecture, unique location, and respect for traditional elements, Playa Koralia unfolds as an unparalleled experience.

Playa Koralia is extremely proud to be the only Colombian hotel that is both government certified sustainable and selected as a  HIP HOTEL  !

Playa Koralia is extremely proud to be the only Colombian hotel that is both government certified sustainable and selected as a HIP HOTEL !

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Featuring art-imbued Cabañas with private hammocks, Bamboo Spa, a stylish bar and stunning beaches, Playa Koralia is the complete escape package. Relax, gaze across the breathtaking panoramic view and enjoy the peace of a virgin seashore. These are lasting emotions in the making.


  • Renowned Spa Koralia

  • Guided Excursions

  • Beach Front Bar

  • Free WiFi Internet Access in the reception and bar areas

  • Outdoor Dining area (Romantic Dinner)

  • Outdoor parking

  • Taxi & Airport Transfer Service available - fee required


Playa Koralia aims to be a cosmopolitan nature hotel and at the same time offer a uniquely peaceful experience for seekers from the world over. We are a canvas upon which you can color your castaway dreams. Our outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted ambiance are the elements that achieve the perfect relaxation.

Playa Koralia is a nature hotel that promotes disconnection from today’s hyper- paced world in a comfortable, friendly environment. It provides a true escape where you can experience complete privacy as the ocean's waves break on the beach and you are the only one to witness their fall. Time stops as nature defines each space- sun, sand, sea, fresh air, palms and shade. All these elements come together where the rivers course from the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada and flow into the Caribbean Sea. Playa Koralia gives you that experience, and more, only one hour away from Santa Marta, Colombia. Come stay with us -Come immerse yourself in nature.







Nestled among protective palms, the dominant architectural element is nature herself. Playa Koralia blends magically with its environs. The softly curved walls rise up and slip back into the landscape, harmonizing with the natural forms and encouraging exploration of the impressive surroundings. From the traditional woven palms that create the roofs, to the local woods in combination with antiques that have been crafted into place, river stones, caña and bamboo, Playa Koralia is infused with Nature. Particular attention has been given to the interior design, including the murals and the mosaics that decorate each individual habitation individually. The result is a masterful combination of traditional rustic elements, open space and whimsical artwork.


Inspired by local and world cuisine; Koralia offers innovative dishes that make use of the extensive assortment of local seafood as well as exotic, organic fruits & vegetables, many of which come from our own organic gardens. Playa Koralia does not serve pork or red meats, but does offer exceptional menus for vegetarians.